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Oct 24, 2011 · Installing msmtp. To install msmtp on Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora type of distributions. yum install msmtp. To install msmtp on Debian/Ubuntu type of distributions. apt-get install msmtp Configuring msmtp with Gmail and Yahoo. Create or edit the msmtp configuration file in the user’s home directory. I use VI editor to achieve this. vi ~/.msmtprc

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命令行输入 sudo apt-get update , 然后输入 sudo apt-get -y install build-essential asciidoc binutils bzip2 gawk gettext git libncurses5-dev libz-dev patch python3.5 unzip zlib1g-dev lib32gcc1 libc6-dev-i386 subversion flex uglifyjs git-core gcc-multilib p7zip p7zip-full msmtp libssl-dev texinfo libglib2.0-dev xmlto qemu-utils upx libelf-dev autoconf automake libtool autopoint device ...

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Sous Ubuntu server 18.04, j'essaie faire fonctionner msmtp pour smartd. Malheureusement : Malheureusement : $ echo message | mail [email protected] mail: impossible d'expédier le message : Processus terminé avec un état de sortie non nul

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不用说首先安装软件,ubuntu大家都知道的哈,傻瓜式sudo apt-get install mutt msmtp,一切默认设置就行。 接着开始各种配置,很简单,不想麻烦,可以copy,当然我也是ctrl+c的

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インストール時 msmtp Debian / Ubuntuでは、どのパッケージを選ぶべきですか?msmtpとmsmtp-mta?それらの違いは何ですか? 私が読んだすべてのヘルプ記事 msmtp のみ しかし、そうではありません msmtp-mta、通常のMTA、より良い選択肢? Apr 23, 2020 · Timeout connections typically indicate that your client is unable to establish a TCP connection to the public Amazon SES endpoint. To resolve SMTP connectivity or timeout errors with Amazon SES, troubleshoot the following:

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