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Male to Female / MTF / MTX Vaginoplasty Our team of surgeons uses a surgical technique comprised of a single step: penile inversion (the skin of the penis is grafted to the interior of the vagina) coupled with an autograft of a neurovascular flap of the glans that will serve to create a sensitive clitoris.

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For male to female transsexuals, the results of SRS surgical procedures are far more successful. A process called vaginoplasty entails the removal of the testes with the scrotal tissue used to create labia. The penis is inverted to create a vagina. Many MTF's also have cosmetic surgery to feminize their facial features, to

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Dr. Rumer freaking rocks! She did my original SRS, MtF. That surgery was flawless. Her protocol of surgical aftercare worked well for me. I enjoyed the morphine pump in the hospital for a few days, then the Rumer Inn for a few more. I even got hair implants and laser skin resurfacing while there; total spa affair! Sava Perovic Team's procedures all tend to be the most advanced urogenital procedures available anywhere and the ones giving patients the best results.. This surgical art continues to be studied, developed and advanced by the world's top urologists, leading andrologists, and the best reconstructive surgeons at hands-on live surgery training provided by the Sava Perovic Foundation in Belgrade ...

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Sex Change – transgender surgery in Bangkok, Thailand Sex change or Gender reassignment surgery / SRS surgery is a cosmetic / plastic surgery procedure that can help our patients to reach their goals to gain feminine looks and feel. In this surgery, we can create an adequate vaginal pouch. This is also including sensate, hooded…

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Has 2 letters of support from a mental health professional detailing the MTF patient’s transition journey; Has at least 1 year of real life experience living as desired gender. Is of sound body and mind; Is a non-smoker; Has realistic expectations for her results; Is willing to follow post-op instructions to the letter

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