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22h30 – Cortejo de Tambores e Outros Sons – Pelo Parque – GRATUITO – LIVRE. Ambulante Original, Okanbí e Os Negões. DIA 02.

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THE NATION FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 2012. 28. SOCIETY The seven direct sons of Okanbi, the son of Oduduwa, founder of the Yoruba race, gathered at the Palace of Ila Oragun, Oba Wahab Kayode Oyedotun ...

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ODUDUWA, OKANBI AND HIS SEVEN CHILDREN . Oduduwa gave birth to a son called Okanbi while Okanbi gave birth to seven children. After Okanbi’s death, his properties/belongs were shared among his children as follows. Olowu (first female) Aso (cloth) Alaketu (Binrin) Ade (crown) Oba Ibini Owo Eyo (cowries) Orangun Iyawo (wives) Jul 13, 2018 · The Osile Oke-Ona, was formerly the OLOKO OF OKO who was also formerly the ALAFIN OF OKO in the early days. The throne was founded by ORANMIYAN (Oranyan) who was the son of Okanbi and the grandson of Oduduwa. He was the first Oba to occupy this throne of the Osile at the old Oko Orile near Ile-Ife. He was first the Alafin of Ile-Ife in those days.

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Oranmiyan was one of the seven sons of Okanbi, the only child of Oduduwa, and he reigned as the sixth Ooni of Ife. He was famed as a strong enigmatic leader, who led his people into a path of greatness that lasted several centuries, leaving a heritage that last till today.

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Oranmiyan was a son of Okanbi and Okanbi was the only son of Oduduwa. Oranmiyan was a Yoruba warlord and he fought and won all the wars he went in his life. Through out his lifetime, he never lost ...

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