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If you're shopping for a camper generator, start here. While many motorhomes come equipped with onboard RV generators that take care of this problem, very few trailers do.

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onboard camper generator, PORTABLE GENERATORS: Those with a DC battery charging output for direct connection to batteries work much better than plugging the rig in to the generator and using the converter in the rig, or using a small automotive type charger like I see many folks doing.

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I have a 1995 Gulfstream Conquest LE motorhome with an onboard generator. It seems to me that my battery for the coach is going dead. I can drive all day and it doesn't seem to take much of a charge. The guy at the RV place I bought it from says that driving the truck won't charge that battery but that doesn't make sense. I'm sure I've

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The Pulsar PG10000B16 hybrid generator does not have a shortage of receptacles. It has four 120V 20A AC outlets for various tools and appliances. It also has a 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, 50A RV receptacle and 12V DC trickle charge output. PG10000B16 vs. Pulsar G10KBN CamperMate just got better! Now you can book accommodation, rent campervans and RVs, shop outdoor gear and of course - download the free CamperMate app to help you find everything you...

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"I have a Lance truck camper with a built in Cummins Onan Generator. The RB-100HP is the perfect Lithium battery for my application. Since this battery has a very high peak output, it will easily start my generator without any issues. I researched most of the Lithium batteries and nobody else had something comparable in a 100ah battery (6/20).

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Nov 12, 2015 · The generator had been fitted with a non-standard exhaust system that when run under load, detached from both the generator and the outlet on the vessel’s side. As a result, the generator’s exhaust fumes filled the engine bay and filtered through gaps in an internal bulkhead into the aft cabin where a mother and daughter were asleep. The precision-cut aluminium base, coupled with the positive stops at 9 settings, the tool delivers very accurate cutting results. The bevel cut is capped at 45 degrees, and there is a shaft lock setup for easy blade changes. The onboard carbide-tipped blade is razor-sharp, with heat resistance built-in.

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