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A terrible news strikes the community with the loss of a dear loving friend. As a member of a lovely RuenScape Pinscape community, Trapple has always been the person who gives support and care. His sudden death has made thousands of eyes tearful and thousands of hearts mourn. The story of Trapple and his Pinscape group

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How does it work? This is really not that complicated and there is no need to be scared about it. Once the hardware is connected and the software configured, if the table supports it, you will hear the ball rolling at the different locations on the board and the speaker closest to the location of the ball will be activated.

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The VP kit happens to use the same microcontroller board, but the rest of its hardware is incompatible. The VP kit uses a different type of sensor for its plunger and has completely different button wiring, so the Pinscape software won't work properly with it.

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[*] L’onglet Pinscape sur lequel est représenté en 5 exemplaire les branchements de la KL25Z : -Pin Name KL25Z du Config.h: correspond à l'appellation des broches dans le firmware Pinscape (utile si comme moi vous voulez pas la KL25Z de 22 à 32 ports Ledwiz) [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir cette image]

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The Pinscape Expansion Board is a companion project to the Pinscape Controller with the goal of creating an all-in-one I/O controller for virtual pin cabs. The project consists of a set of printed circuit boards (PCBs) that provide plenty of powered outputs for feedback devices, connections for buttons and sensors, and some specialized pin cab functionality.

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Pinscape PCB Set in Pinscape, VPin. We feature a wide variety of parts, devices and components for your Virtual pinball machine (VPin). Pinscape - popular DIY board with nudging using the kl25z. Teensy and OctoWS2811 Adaptor for addressable LEDs. I use this combo to run my LED stripes via DOF. Nice. Please see the virtual pinball machine components & parts-list for shops where to get the boards.

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