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This transmog brought to by McDoogit from Arthas. His belt is a horde only reward from the AB vendor Defiler's Leather Girdle. His helm is from the Arcatraz Helm of Assassination.

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Sep 18, 2006 · But the skirmish soon metastasized into something bigger and darker. In the AC/DC battle, the worst aspects of human nature somehow got caught up in the wires; a silent, deadly flow of arrogance, vanity, and cruelty. Following the path of least resistance, the war of currents soon settled around that most primal of human emotions: fear.

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Fae Eastern War Dancer by Aliza Rayleonard from «Gilgamesh» submitted on Jul 14th, 2019

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Players take on the role of an elite soldier- sorcerer known as a war caster. Players armies will make use of a mix of Infantry and mighty combat Automatons (War jacks). Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies.

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Child of War : Strength or Dexterity of 13 or higher Chuckster : Strength 13 or higher Circumventive Caster : The ability to cast at least one spell Cleaver : Strength or Dexterity 13 or higher Close Counter : Proficiency with a ranged weapon Close Quarter Ranger : Prerequisite: Dexterity 13 or higher Close Quarters Shooter : Close Range Shooter

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Jan 01, 2011 · It has a short duration now (where it used to be a set-it-and-forget-it 1 hour) and cannot be applied while in forms. You'll have to shift to use it, which is dangerous when you're actively tanking. Additionally, the damage done by Thorns is now based on the target's spell power, not the caster's. Feb 19, 2014 · Product description. Marshall your savagery, and strike primal fear into the hearts of your enemies with the Beasts of War unit pack for ROME II. Comprising seven new battlefield units, Beasts of War brings further variety to ROME II’s already diverse unit roster. Terrorise your enemies and slow their progress with beehive, scorpion and snake-pot ballistas, or crush them under the weight of heavily-armoured Cataphract Camels and Mercenary Syrian Armoured Elephants.

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