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Nifi 이용하다가 알게 된 유용한 정보들에 대해 적어둔다. 보일 때 마다 업데이트 함. the content of a flow file is not stored in memory, only the properties and attributes associated with the physical file in the content repository are held in the JVM heap memory.

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Apache NiFi is a powerful tool for data migration. It provides an easy to use interface to connect to a database server and perform data ingestion and data extraction. This blog post explains a sample NiFi flow to migrate database tables from one database server (source database) to another database server (destination database) using Apache NiFi.

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Apache NiFi概述 Apache NiFi团队[email protected] 什么是Apache NiFi?简单地说,NiFi是为了自动化系统之间的数据流而构建的。虽然术语“数据流”在各种环境中使用,但我们在此处使用它来表示系统之间自动化和管理的信息流。

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Apache NiFi 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 have introduced a series of powerful new features around record processing. There have already been a couple of great blog posts introducing this topic, such as...

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Nifi初探 - 创建一个简单的自定义Nifi Processor 8212 2017-07-19 网上关于Nifi自定义Processor的中文资料,要么是很古老的eclipse版本,要么太过于简单,学习Nifi的道路确实有点看不清楚,好在找到一篇从零构造一个JsonPROCESSOR的英文文章,单纯翻译外加心得记录,使用的Nifi ... Il y a quelque temps, j’ai découvert Apache NiFi, et en tant qu’ingénieur Big Data, je l’ai immédiatement trouvé très attractif. En effet, cet outil permet de travailler sur la donnée avec une grande facilité.

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