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Automation Anywhere is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation, offering cloud-native, web-based, intelligent automation solutions to the world's largest enterprises.

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Apr 11, 2011 · Defining a variable means storing a value for future use: SQL> define myv = 'King' This creates a variable called "myv" containing the text "King". Another way to create substitution variables is with the ACCEPT command.

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User variables are written as @var_name, where the variable name var_name consists of alphanumeric characters, ., _, and $. A user variable name can contain other characters if you quote it as a string or identifier (for example, @'my-var', @"my-var", or @`my-var`). User-defined variables are session specific.

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Step 1/5. Create a new Excel workbook. The function createWorkbook() can be used. It works for both .xls and .xlsx file formats. # create a new workbook for outputs # possible values for type are : "xls" and "xlsx" wb-createWorkbook(type="xlsx")

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Hi, I am creating a object as below. zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass axCZKEM = new zkemkeeper.CZKEMClass(); but, I want to create this object in a loop upto device numbers as below,

The speed of sound in the ocean has been measured to determine changes in ________ of the ocean.

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Create another String but initialize it before the while loop. and then in the while loop when you are creating the new string, append the newly created string in the string created above. 2. Use the string builder class. I have a data frame with several columns in 2 groups: column1,column2, column3 ... & data1, data2. Is there a good way in R to create new columns by multiplying any combination of columns in above groups (for example, column1* data1 (as a new column results1) Because combinations are too many, I want to achieve it by a loop in R. Thanks.

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