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How to change the text of a ggplot2 legend title - 2 example codes - Manually modify the title of a ggplot in R - Different alternatives & reproducible code. This article explains how to change the text of a ggplot2 legend in R. The tutorial is structured as follows

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4899/changing-the-legend-title-in-ggplot. Toggle navigation. ggplot(data = mtcars,aes(x=mpg,y=disp,col=factor(cyl)))+geom_point(). I would want to change the title of legend from 'factor(cyl)' to cylinder.

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How to read a box plot/Introduction to box plots. Box plots are drawn for groups of [email protected] scale scores. They enable us to study the distributional characteristics of a group of scores as well as the level of the scores.

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Alter Legend position of a R ggplot2 Violin Plot. By default, ggplot position the legend at the right side of a violin plot. In this example, we change the legend position of the R ggplot violin plot from right to the top. Note, You can use a legend.position = “none” to altogether remove the legend.

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As mentioned by @user2739472 in the comments: If you only want to change the legend text labels and not the colours from ggplot's default palette, you can use scale_color_hue(labels = c("T999", "T888")) instead of scale_color_manual().

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Details. contour is a generic function with only a default method in base R.. The methods for positioning the labels on contours are "simple" (draw at the edge of the plot, overlaying the contour line), "edge" (draw at the edge of the plot, embedded in the contour line, with no labels overlapping) and "flattest" (draw on the flattest section of the contour, embedded in the contour line, with ...

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