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The LE26 tweeters are obviously no longer available but quite often for sale at eBay. By coincident, the waveguide for the LE26 will also fit the TW034 dome. However, having ten LE26 tweeters at hand made a rare opportunity to report the spread in performance of these tweeters.

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Audio Media was amongst the first magazines to review a new SX-Series model. About the tweeter they say: “The famous ART tweeter as used in ADAM’s monitors has also undergone reconstruction in the X model providing 4dB higher efficiency and reproducing frequencies accurately all the way to 50kHz, which has made such a difference.

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For maximum audio impact, your multichannel Onkyo receiver should be accompanied by a full-blooded surround-sound speaker set. Fitting the bill is the new SKS-HT870, a 7.1-channel system that injects power and vitality into all your movies, games, and music. The highlight, both visually and aurally, is a pair of dual-drive, floor-standing tallboy front speakers rated […]

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The tweeter is a SEAS H-1212 1" aluminum/magnesium alloy dome modified to Watkins’ specs. I would venture to say that most speaker designers have had a love-hate relationship with metal dome tweeters. They love the detail and transient speed but struggle with their aggressive nature and may eventually settle in favor of a soft dome. CDT Audio coaxial speaker designs are based on our highly awarded mid-woofers and tweeters built into one unit for convenient installation. If the speaker components themselves aren’t of the best quality by design, the music, no matter how pure, will get lost in the transfer.

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It is a general (mis)conception that metal dome tweeters will always sound harsh compared to their soft dome opponents. The Revel Ultima Salon 2, you mentioned is a perfect example. In comparison: Dynaudio's highly regarded Esotar softdome tweeter could sound rough and unbearably harsh if used improperly.

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Are Dome tweeters still the best way to go? I'm not too familiar with Ribbon Tweeters, but I seen a lot of high end speakers with them. Such as Monitor one Gold and so on. Would this mean, if I have dome tweeters, would it be better off to have a Ribbon style due to its higher quality/performance.Dome Tweeter Dome Tweeter China Speaker Manufacturers Car Audio System 50 Watts 6" 2-way Dome Tweeter Car Component Speaker. Raal 14015d 7 ribbon tweeter 3 volt vm752 dome midrange without stand cn gua B 002 3 Way 3 Driver 15 woofer Bookshelf Speakers.

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