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React/ReactJS: Using a jQuery Plugin with React. React already has a handful of useful UI components for most of our front-end needs; the official site maintains a list here .

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Join a community of over 2.6m developers to have your questions answered on Pagespeed defer loading recommendation of UI for ASP.NET AJAX ScriptManager and StyleSheetManager.

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The DOMContentLoaded event waits for the script that was deferred. It only occurs when the script (2) is loaded and executed. The scripts that are known as deferred, on their turn, maintain their order. So, in the event of having a large script initially, then a lesser one, then the latter script waits, like this:

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Deferreds provide a means to react to the eventual success or failure of an asynchronous operation, and reduce the need for deeply nested callbacks. $.Deferred. You can create your own deferreds using $.Deferred(). Here, we run a function in a setTimeout, and "resolve" our deferred with the return value of that function.

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To manage the asynchronous tasks, MochiKit.Async is the demo you should look for. While being dependent on MochiKit.Base, this demo offers facilities so that you can manage various asynchronous tasks such as AJAX tasks. Taking inspiration from Twisted, this model for the asynchronous computation is utilized in the module. At the same time, there are … <script defer> Для встроенных (inline) немодульных скриптов defer игнорируется, и код выполняются сразу. Если defer прям сильно нужен, можно воспользоваться обходным путём с участием base64.

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