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In order to test the speed of the different sorting algorithms I made a C++ program which runs each algorithm several times for randomly-generated arrays. The test was run in a Pentium4 3.4GHz running Suse 9.3, and the program was compiled using gcc 3.3.5 with the compiler options "-O3 -march=pentium4".

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Recursion is used here to display the answer a piece at a time. on the way *into* the recursion. This is called "head" recursion. Sample run: [bert] ~/demos/functions> reverseDigits. Non-recursively print a number's digits in reverse order. E.g. for 2468: 8642. Recursively print a number's digits in reverse order.

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Dec 12, 2010 · print. Print this post. ... flow chart for To find the GCD of two given integers by using the recursive function. ... Algorithm for To reverse the first n characters ...

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A Programming Example - Procedural Recursion: Reverse Order A file called fruit.txt contains the names of a number of fruits, each on a separate line. The task is to output these names in the reverse order that they appear in the file. Reverse an array. Problem. I have an Array and want to reverse it (reverse the order of its contents). Recipe // Initialize the Array var a = [1,2,3,4,5,6] // Reverse its contents a = a.reverse() print(a)

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Oct 03, 2005 · When the subaaray being processed contains one element, the array is sorted. Write a recusive function selectionSort to perform this algorithm. Here are the questions: 1) I have read that recursive function inludes "return", but I think the "selectionSort" function should be of type "void" because all it does is sort values in an array. Nov 26, 2010 · write a recursive function for n write a recursive function for n. long double fact(int n)

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