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Mon Mar 21 11:11:47 2016 XX.XX.XX.XX:57804 TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET]XX.XX.XX.XX:57804, sid=fdf7a7ac 0264c7f3 Mon Mar 21 11:12:38 2016 XX.XX.XX.XX:55938 TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET]XX.XX.XX.XX:55938, sid=1f242a3f e454a525 Mon Mar 21 11:12:48 2016 XX.XX.XX.XX:57804 TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds ...

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Mar 22, 2010 · 2012/07/08 So I’ve been trying for several days to get this to work with the newest debian based image from RPI, and I am having nothing but issues. The reason I am trying to compile a new kernel is to add vFAT support, it seems I can’t find a single zImage for 3.1.9 that has this, and without it under QEMU the /boot partition is not able ...

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Oct 13, 2018 · Oracle 12c Grid Installation NOTE: This effort is to provide kind of hands on experience, hence though there is some unwanted data/info from log files, I still posted it here so that folks who want to know what goes behind the scenes can get all the details.

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19-May-2018 07:02: I last saw my 8 mo pregnant girlfriend, Le Thi Kim Khue, in Saigon, August 1968. She was a bit confused on my name and used Dinh Hoa Le. I was with the 257th Med Det in Phu Loi for area support for the 1st Div, 11 Ar Cav, and 82nd AB 1967-1969. She visited me there for new years weekend 1967-1968.

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Apr 30, 2012 · the problem is located on the inside on the rim. there is a sensor there that runs against the hub. sometimes they will move out and cause the light to come on. they just need to be loosened cleaned up and slid back in and tightened down. keep in mind the sensor could also be bad. take it to a shop, quick simple and inexpensive fix. notice i didnt say freightliner.

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15-07-2009, 20:25 I can't remember how we resolved the problem (but we did), anyway: Because of several Problems (UI, stability of server/client) and a general dislike we completely dropped Zabbix and went back to Nagios (I hope to evaluate Icinga soon as it will support PostgreSQL).

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