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(3) "Deposit of public funds" means public funds of a public entity that: (A) the comptroller does not manage under Chapter 404 ; and (B) are held as a demand or time deposit by a depository institution expressly authorized by law to accept a public entity's demand or time deposit.

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Sinking Fund Schedule means the mandatory sinking fund schedule, to be attached as Schedule 3 of the Loan Agreement, prepared by the Controlling Person and providing for level debt service in respect of the Bonds Outstanding on the basis of a 480-month amortization schedule commencing on the Stabilization Date (without extension) together with any replacement schedule following a partial ...

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Formula :D=(1+R) 1/12-1 where R is the yearly rate of discount. This is used to determine the present value of the Reserve Fund ie. D multiplied by Reserve Fund. Secondly, get the cumulative discount rate (CDR). The formula used is 1-(1+R)-n /R. This will be used to reflect the time value of periodic investments accumulated over the entire lifetime of the project.

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When any amount is kept separate by a company out of its profit for future purpose then that is called as general reserves. In other words the general reserves are the retained earnings of a company which are kept aside out of company’s profits to meet future (known or unknown) obligations. Some corporate bonds have sinking fund provisions, which require the issuer to periodically retire a predetermined number of bonds. Some corporate bonds have a "make whole" call provision, which allows the issuer to redeem the outstanding bonds prior to maturity at a price determined by a formula described in the prospectus.

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Journal of the Institute of Actuaries. Volume 46 Issue 4. A Practical Formula for the Val...

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Another option for paying off a mortgage is the sinking fund method. This entails financing a home with an interest-only option . This type of option allows you to only pay interest on the home, thus never paying down the balance of the loan over its life, requiring a balloon payment , or a very large payment, at the end of the term. Jun 01, 2018 · Example of the sinking fund method of depreciation: A and B Pvt. Ltd. purchase a machine on 01/04/2012 on lease for 4 years for Rs 10,00,000/-. It decided to provide cash for the replacement of the lease at the end of the 4th year by setting up a sinking fund.

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