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This accessible and timely book provides a comprehensive overview of how to measure biodiversity. The book highlights new developments, including innovative approaches to measuring taxonomic distinctness and estimating species richness, and evaluates these alongside traditional methods such as species abundance distributions, and diversity and evenness statistics.

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Log-normal abundance distributions Rank-abundance curves Answer Bank The slope of the line shows how relative abundance changes from the most abundant to the least abundant species. The graphed data of many different communities often result in a bell-shaped curve. This method illustrates that most species have intermediate abundance within a community. The variable, number of species, is plotted on a logarithmic scale of base two.

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richness and (b) abundance. I i I 1 Figure 7: Butterfly species rank-abundance curves for each habitat type 42 (a) tallgrass, grassland, foothills grassland, and (b) montane, riparian, foothills riparian. I i I i 1 Figure 8: Comparison of the Fisher's Alpha diversity, Simpson diversity, 44

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An Analysis of Vegetation Recovery following Dam Removal at Hemlock Recreation Site, Washington by Greer Stewart Ramsey A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the

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Figure 3.5 Rank-abundance curves using combined bait and pitfall data for the three housing developments (one, four, and eight years old) in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. Curves are generated by plotting each ant species in descending order according to abundance. A steep slope indicates fewer species and less

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The more gradual slope of a rank abundance curve = the greater the species evenness in the community. Simpson's diversity index. AUC - ROC curve is a performance measurement for classification problem at various thresholds settings. ROC is a probability curve and AUC represents degree or measure of separability. It tells how much model is capable of distinguishing between classes. Higher the AUC, better the model is at...

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