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You can calculate the amount of time it takes sound to travel in steel with the following formula: time = distance/16,400 Prompts And Output . The program prompts for the medium with: "Enter one of the following: air, water, or steel: " and reads the medium.

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Mar 23, 2018 · The speed of sound in the atmosphere is a constant that depends on the altitude, but an aircraft can move through the air at any desired speed. The ratio of the aircraft's speed to the speed of sound affects the forces on the aircraft. Aeronautical engineers call the ratio of the aircraft's speed to the speed of sound the Mach number, M.

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To find the speed of sound in air we can note that the musical note A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz and a wavelength of 0.773 metres. Putting these figures into the calculator above shows that the speed of sound in air is close to 340.1 meters per second.

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V = distance / time Distance to run is 100 meters, and the time elapsed is 10 seconds Velocity = 100 meters / 10 seconds Velocity = 10 m/sec Distance from New York to London is 3,500 miles. A jumbo jet flight time is 7 hours. what is the average velocity of the jumbo jet? V = distance / time Distance to run is 3,500 miles, and the flight time ... Free online reverb & delay time calculator for converting BPM into MS. Tempo-based delays give you stronger, tighter mixes. Delay & reverb time in milliseconds is directly correlated with BPM. Thus, synching these two things is imperative to getting a strong mix.

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Nov 22, 2005 · Here's why: You know that average velocity = distance/time (v = d/t). In order to have an average speed of 60 miles/hour over a distance of 60 miles, you must complete the trip in 1 hour: But Susie has already taken an hour (it takes 1 hour to go 30 miles with an average speed of 30 miles/hour) - and she is only half way!

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All Speed Conversions Over 65 different speed and velocity units.This is a bit more confusing, but necessary if you are unable to find the unit you need in the above conversion page. The speed of sound in room temperature air is 346 meters per second. This is faster than 331 meters per second, which is the speed of sound in air at freezing temperatures. The formula to find the speed of sound in air is as follows: v = 331m/s + 0.6m/s/C * T

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