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Hi everyone. I wanted to post my BNZ 43 K98. I know the stock isn't matching, and has been refinished. The bands don't match either, but everything else does. From what I can tell the barrel was made by FN...not sure if that is common or not. Some people are telling me it could be a SS contract because of the waffenampts and serial prefix letter.

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Dec 05, 2013 · Very early in the war all small arms production was removed from Steyr proper, no rifles or assembly took place there after 1942. They were also not “officially” assembled at Gusen either; though I think it is clear the SS had some arrangement with Steyr to assemble rifles for them outside of normal production.

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Up for sale is an early SS Contract Rifle manufactured in late 1943. During the war the SS sought to create their own procurement and manufacturing channels outside of the Army’s contracts. In 1943 the SS setup manufacturing at the Gusen concentration camp and Radom for K98 parts with assembly at Steyr (military code BNZ).

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Dec 31, 2014 · The difference in price between matching and non matching is great. To sell a k98 as matching you'll have to take it apart and validate that it is indeed all matching. I haven't bought a k98 in a while, but a non matching bnz in good working condition with an un pitted bore is probably 5 to 700. A matching bnz considerably more.

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This is a very nice SS Contract K98 Bolt with all matching numbers. For the people who don't know, this follows the pattern of SS contract bolts by having unnumbered bolt sleeve, cocking piece, and firing pin but numbering pretty much everything else. This particular one is in great condition with nice original bluing.

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This is literally just a fantastic all original, unaltered and like new mid-WWII "bnz" Steyr factory "SS" contract k98 bolt rifle. These rifles were all produced in their own serial number range without any letter suffix and were manufactured specifically under contract for the "SS". The Steyr-Daimler factory was the only factory of record that ...

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