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Stream Function Points as Function of x* 77 19. Computed Isotherms and Streamlines for Longitudinal Section - z=1.5 (Centerline) (Run 120) 79 20. Computed Isotherms and Streamlines for Longitudinal Section - z=0.3751 (Run 121) 80 21. CONRAD 8 Program Flow Chart

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The construction of streamlines is one of the most common methods for visualising fluid motion. Streamlines can be computed from the intersection of two nonparallel stream surfaces, which are iso-surfaces of dual stream functions. Stream surfaces are also useful to isolate part of the flow domain for detailed study.

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The stream function not only is mathematically useful but also has a vivid physical meaning. Lines of constant ψ are streamlines of the flow; that is, they are everywhere parallel to the local velocity vector.

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See full list on where represents the (scalar) vorticity function. 3 STREAMLINES AND STREAMFUNCTION A streamline is the locus of points that are everywhere tangent to the instantaneous velocity vector . If is an element of length along a streamline, and thus tangent to the local velocity vector, then the equation of a streamline is given by (Fig. 1) (8)

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Streamline simulation provides an alternative to cell-based grid techniques in reservoir simulation. Streamlines represent a snapshot of the instantaneous flow field and thereby produce data such as drainage/irrigation regions associated with producing/injecting wells and flow rate allocation between...

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The stream function is defined for two-dimensional flows of various kinds. The stream function can be used to plot streamlines, which represent the trajectories of particles in a steady flow.

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