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2015-2021 Subaru VA WRX STI LED Interior Light Package - KONIK

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Take the new LED bulb and insert it into the housing, if it does not light up the first time, remove it and turn it 180* and re-insert. The LED bulbs have a POS and NEG end, unlike the factory incandescent bulbs. Package 1 dome light (similar brightness to OEM, bright white color) Package 2 dome light (3x brighter than OEM) All done

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LED Accent Lighting & 12V LED Lights We've got a wide variety of 12 volt LED accent lights for cars & light bars for trucks from flexible LED daytime running lights for extra visibility to a window strobe light you can plug right into your cigarette lighter.

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The introduction of LED lighting has greatly improved this by approx. 90% when compared to a halogen downlight or spotlight. LED lamps or bulbs are now available to retro fit in place of high energy consumption lamps. Uplighting is less common, often used to bounce indirect light off the ceiling and back down. It is commonly used in lighting ... This rope light gives off a light in a hue between warm white and yellow. Cool white is a bright white (almost blue). The light is around 4000 Kelvin and recommended for under cabinet lighting and other task-oriented installations. Chasing rope light is paired with a chasing controller (sold separately) to make the lights flash or chase. Standard rope light is constant-on and does not blink or chase.

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Enhance the illumination of your standard interior map and reading lights with brighter, whiter and crisper LED lighting. The LED Upgrade accessory is developed and tested to vigorous Subaru standards for seamless operation, uninterrupted functionality and to help ensure the safety of your vehicles electrical infrastructure. Fits Ascent

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Perfect for all car interior lighting Tiny but powerful, long lasting mini-chip LEDs Bright green beams illuminate dash gauges, accessory buttons, foot pedals and more

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