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(Q53)How SV is more random stable then Verilog? (Q54)Difference between assert and expect statements? (Q55)How to add a new processs with out disturbing the random number generator state ? (Q56)What is the need of alias in SV? (Q57)What would be the output of the following code and how to avoid it? for(int i=0; i<N;i++)begin fork int j = i; begin

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This is another pretty useful construct and technique supported in SystemVerilog. Array reduction methods can produce a single value from an unpacked array of integral values. This can be used within a constraint to allow the expression to be considered during randomization.

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Mar 04, 2007 · Couldn't agree with you more Marc. I've been around the industry long enough to tell the difference between sloppy, careless, lack-of-attention-to-detail, difference between "we don't have time for it, just get 'er done" type mentality, versus, "no sir, you don't not have time for it" for the reasons you outlined.

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The Verilog HDL supports real number constants and real variable data types in addition to integer and time variable data types. Except for the following restrictions, variables declared as real can be used in the same places that integer and time variables are used: — — — Not all Verilog HDL operators can be used with real number values. Verilog 1.0 is the IEEE Std. 1364-1995 Verilog standard, which is also called Verilog-1995 Verilog 2.0 is the IEEE Std. 1364-2001 Verilog standard, commonly called Verilog-2001; this generation of Verilog contains the first significant enhancements to Verilog since its release to the public in 1990

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injection queue for router 0 is queue 0, the packet injection queue for router 5 is queue 5 and so on. The packet ejection queues for routers are numbered from NUMROUTERS to 2*NUMROUTERS-1, i.e. the packet ejection queue for router 0 is queue 1024 (since we have 1024 routers), the packet ejection queue for router 1 is queue 1025, and so on. Figure : Verilog execution order. If you look at the active event queue, it has multiple types of statements and commands with equal priority, which means they all are scheduled to be executed together in any random order, which leads to many of the races.. Lets look at some of the common race conditions that one may encounter.

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