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Enzyme provides the testing utility functions for React components such as shallow , mount and render whereas Jest is a test runner and an assertion library. Enzyme adapter is required to provide compatibility to different React versions. As we are currently using version 16+ we need to install...

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React Redux launched support for Hooks. We will explore the new `useSelector` and `useDispatch` hooks and look into the tradeoffs of using these This means that you can now ditch the connect higher-order component and use Redux with Hooks in your function components. This post will take...

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I would definitely give Cypress a shot for E2E testing in React. Whereas Chai, Jest and Enzyme are used for unit, integration and snapshot tests, Cypress is a great way to go for end-to-to tests in React.

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Enzyme, a testing utility for React; enzyme-to-json to convert Enzyme wrappers for Jest snapshot matcher. For the most of my tests I use shallow rendering with Jest snapshots.

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Feb 18, 2019 · From a renowned behavioral neuroscientist and recovered drug ... May 07, 2018 · When building React applications you will most likely find yourself using Jest as your testing framework. Jest has some really, really cool features built in. But when you use Enzyme you can take your testing to the nest level. One really cool feature is the ability to test click events via Enzyme to ensure your code responds as expected.

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