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A solid disk is rolling without slipping along a horizontal surface with a speed of 4.50 m/s when it starts up a ramp that makes an angle of 25.0° with the horizontal. What is the speed of the disk after it has rolled 3.00 m up the ramp? A) 4.01 m/s B) 1.92 m/s C) 2.06 m/s D) 6.79 m/s E) 8.02 m/s

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A disk with pure rolling is shown in the figure below.

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A solid disc of radius r rolls without slipping on the horizontal floor with angular velocity w and angular acceleration α. The magnitude of acceleration of the point of contact on the disc is: A solid disc of radius r rolls without slipping on the horizontal floor with angular velocity w and angular acceleration α.

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4) Draw a straight horizontal line of length πD from point P at the contact surface of circle and ground . 5) Divide the line into 12 equal parts 1’, 2’, 3’…..12’ (same no. as that of circle). 6) Draw again a circle of 50 mm diameter at πD distance with centre C’. 7) Draw horizontal and vertical axis for 2nd circle.

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A disk of radius R and mass m is mounted on a massless axle of length R. The other end of the axle is hinged to a stationary post at a height R. The disk rolls around in a circle of radius R without slipping with an angular rotating with the horizontal plane, angular frequency Ω. perpendicular to the axle.

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I've accidentally deleted all the photographs on my hard disk! 2 Let me make a copy of these files before you transfer them to your computer. 3 The reason why your computer is so slow is that it needs more memory. 4 Is there a problem with the network?Rcan roll without slipping on a horizontal surface. Inside the shell slides a particlePof massm, with negligible friction. Denote byϕthe angle between the vertical andAP, the line from the axis of the cylinder to the particle. The system is released from rest with the particle atϕ=π/2.

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