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position sensor and integrated idle validation switch, an interconnecting harness, a transmission modulator control switch (KD), and a floorplate (see Figures 1 and 2). CAUTION: The throttle’s potentiometer and the spring roller actuator are serviceable items.

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The Throttle Position Sensor or TPS is an electrical sensor that tells the ECU how far open or closed the throttle body of a car is. In a car with cable-actuated throttles (as opposed to "drive-by-wire"), the accelerator pedal physically opens and closes the throttle.

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(Faulty signal from throttle disc position sensor). Fault symptom. Fault criteria: - The sum of voltages from throttle position sensors 1 and 2 exceeds 5.70 V for more than 0.8 s or is less than 4.59 V for more than 0.3 s.Throttle Position Sensor Reset? Jump to Latest Follow. From what I understand this resets/re-calibrates the Throttle Position Sensor. I thought the 9-3 also had a learning function based on your...

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The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is on the side of the throttle body. There is a screw (might be torx, can't remember) holding it in place. With the ignition on, engine NOT running, throttle completely closed, and VOM reading the voltage, loosen the screw and rotate the TPS until the desired voltage is reached.

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Jan 27, 2016 · 2. Turn key to ON position. (Do not Start) 3. Without starting engine, slowly press throttle pedal to floor and then slowly release. This step must be done (one time)>to ensure accelerator pedal position sensor calibration has been learned by ECM. If not done, possible DTC’s may be set. 4. Turn the key OFF. Throttle Position Sensor clean? - Ford Modifications Website. i have a similar problem to original post i have a black 99 xr6 its just had o2 sensor bosh super 4 plugs and full reset of e.c.u but still have an awful misfire on occasion at idle .Its also had a brand new fuel filter and all coil packs checked the only thing left to do is put new injectors in as i have done the same put injector ...

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