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Mar 27, 2015 · Called up my mechanic and he basically told me the same thing – he said that if the compressor was rapidly turning on and off, it was because it was undercharged. But, I explained to him how it was working fine – and somewhat cooling – before putting any refrigerant in – then it started kicking on and off after adding 3/4 a can in.

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Warm up before a run with this 5-minute warmup for runners. Prime your body with this quick sequence of moves to get your body ready for jogging. "Without a proper warm-up, you are increasing your potential risk of injury while also missing out on the benefits of increasing your mobility."

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Jun 23, 2006 · I have a 2002 Toyota Camry and had no problems until last week. 1st the car would suddenly jerk forward when I accelerated. This only occured once or twice last week. Sunday the car was running fine until I put the car in park while still running. When I put it in reverse it would not move. Finally I got it to reverse then it would not go forward.

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Jul 20, 2010 · In order for an engine to start and run cold, it requires more fuel than when it is hot. This condition where the engine needs more fuel cold is called cold start enrichment. Enrichment meaning a higher ratio of fuel to air. If the car does not get the proper enrichment when cold, it will have trouble starting, or run poorly until the engine ...

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May 08, 2012 · With the "hunting" up and down rpm, that indicates a fuel starvation problem. With the carburetor on top of the gas tank, it has a diaphragm between the carb and tank. Even running cleaner through might not help. I would clean the top of the tank where the carburetor joins it and check the diaphragm. Replace it if it's brittle and stiff.

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Generally, an OEM harness will not have the problem of alternator “run-on”, as there is usually a resistance wire in the dash harness to keep this from happening. Solution: To figure out where the problem exists, start the car and with the key in the ON position and the car running, turn off the key. If that is getting stuck partially in the warm position (not able to fully go to the cold position) the A/C would seem to work fine when the car is first started. But once the engine starts to heat up the heater would begin causing the air you actually feel to be warmer than it should, even if the A/C was working fine.

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