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Vertical HF Antennas - Yagi 6m Beam Antenna - Wire Dipole Antennas For mono, dual, and triband handheld radios Dummy Loads – Lightning Protection – Power Supply – Coax Switches – Cable Assemblies – Connectors & Adapters – Power/SWR Meters – Misc.

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Jan 06, 2019 · That is why this type of transformer is most suitable for portable, light weight electronic devices and high frequency devices. Air core transformers are are generally used in radio transmitter and communication devices etc. Construction of Air Core Transformer. The coils of insulated copper wire, are wound on a plastic tube or cardboard etc.

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This usually means connecting a balanced load such as a dipole antenna to an unbalanced input such as 50 Ohm coaxial cable. The shield side of the cable is usually grounded. The balun belongs to a class of devices known as “transmission line transformers”. Transmission line transformers are formed by winding bifilar turns, multi-filar turns, coaxial cable, or stripline cable (two strips of the flat conductor with a dielectric material between the strips) on a high permeability core.

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Feb 17, 2015 · In an attic, the antenna, transformer and coax should last indefinitely. If you need to connect more than one tuner, use a splitter with the necessary number of output ports. The splitter is designed to maintain correct impedance matching in the system. using a Binocular Ferrite Core from a TV type Matching Transformer. - - - - - - - R E F E R E N C E - S O U R C E - - - - - - - From: Newsgroups: rec.radio.shortwave Subject: Low Noise Antenna Connection Date: 26 Nov 1993 16:55:24 GMT "The transformer is built around a toroid extracted from a TV "matching transformer".

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Mar 30, 2020 · At the Winter SWL Fest when I gave a presentation about Portable SDR DXing, not only did I give attendees the wrong name of the Airspy Youloop antenna, but I also configured it incorrectly, hence the poor performance via my Miscrosoft Surface Go tablet PC. I had assumed the the crossover component of the antenna was the transformer component.

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