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Apr 21, 2008 · the object's mass - more mass means more rotational inertia, and; how the object's mass is arranged relative to the axis of rotation - if the mass is farther from the axis, you get more rotational inertia. Suppose that you have several round objects that have the same mass and radius, but made in different shapes.

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Dropped objects hit the ground at the same time (as long as they're dropped from the same height) because the acceleration of gravity is constant. On earth, it's 9.8 meters per second (32.2 feet ...

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16. A freely falling object is found to be moving downward at 18 m/s. If it continues to fall, two seconds later the object would be moving with a speed of A. 8.0 m/s . B. 10 m/s . C. 18 m/s . D. 38 m/s . E. 180 m/s . 17. Coin I is thrown upward from the top of a 100-m tower with a speed of 15 m/s. Coin II is dropped from the top of the tower 2 ...

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In Physics, potential energy (PE) is said to be equal to a product of mass (m) in Kilograms, Acceleration due to gravity (g) in m/s 2 and height (h) in meters. That is, Potential Energy (P.E) = mgh. This type of energy is present in every object which has a mass and position within a force field and has a kinetic energy of zero relative to other objects.

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In general, different substances have different densities even if they occupy the same volume or have the same mass. For example, in the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones tries to replace a gold statue with a bag of sand of about the same volume. Even though the volumes may be the same, gold is much more dense than sand ...

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Mass is how we define the amount of inertia an object has. In the SI metric system, the unit of mass is the kilogram. In the cgs metric system, the gram is often used as the primary unit of mass. Mass should not be confused with weight or the force of gravity. Another property of matter is that objects which have mass also will experience ... Sep 17, 1999 · As the mass of the bolide increases, the diameter of the crater increases. What are you assuming is constant, by graphing mass vs. crater diameter for bodies dropped from the same height? Height or velocity is being held approximately constant. Graph the height from which the bolide is dropped vs. the crater diameter for objects of the same mass.


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