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A writ is the end result of an unlawful detainer action brought by a landowner against a person unlawfully on his property. These writs are issued under the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, RCW 59.18 or Unlawful Detainer, RCW 59.12 , which involves business and foreclosed property.

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This sample motion for consolidation in an unlawful detainer (eviction) in California is filed pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sections 1048(a) and 1177 an…

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Overview of the California Eviction Process. Learn about Unlawful Detainers, Writ of Possession, the uncontested case and more! The California Eviction Process requires that the landlord has given proper notice and if the tenant doesn't voluntarily move out, the landlord can evict the tenant.

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unlawful detainer. n. 1) keeping possession of real property without a right, such as after a lease has expired, after being served with a notice to quit (vacate, leave) for non-payment of rent or other breach of lease, or being a "squatter" on the property.

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Khoa Nguyen brought this complaint for unlawful detainer (eviction), even though he is not a landlord (the City of San Jose said there is no certificate of occupancy for the apartments he rents), and even though he is not the owner of the property (the County Recorder's office shows that Theresa...Long ago unlawful detainer statutes were enacted under criminal codes in various states.[1] Thus statutes in many states, including Washington, are couched in language of a person being “guilty” of unlawful detainer if one or more of a list of situations apply (failure to pay rent after three days notice, etc.).

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