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Hi Saul, the reason why you are getting those errors is that Workato's S3 connector is unable to correctly decode the file data coming back from S3 because it expects UTF-8 encoded data and not binary to be returned.

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Jul 30, 2019 · How to install and configure Hugo for Amazon S3 deployments using Docker. ... 0.56.0 hugo binary inside a scratch ... run --force force upload of all files -h, --help ...

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I have a need to upload binary stream PDF files to Amazon S3. I've seen the sample code available to use the REST API with the POST operation on visualforce page, however, I need to upload the file via APEX without user involvment, as I'm retrieiving the files from another database via their SOAP API.

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Introduction Uploading files to a website isn't an uncommon task, but it also isn't very straightforward to achieve. Some use-cases for why you'd want to upload a file to a website includes services that offer online file conversions and photo sharing websites. In certain applications, we might even want to send a file to another user, etc. Spring provides a MultipartFile interface to handle ... 2. Save Access Grant to a file. The Access Grant that you created in the web interface needs to be saved to disk in a plain text file. 3. Import Access Grant.

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Aug 02, 2018 · Store the file(s) somewhere in the hosting server where the application is deployed (if it is a web application). Store the file(s) in the database as binary files. Store the file using cloud storage services. Here we are going to evaluate the third option (given above) which is “Store the file using cloud storage services“.

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I was able to upload my binary file this way. var fileStream = fs.createReadStream ("F:/directory/fileName.ext"); var putParams = { Bucket: s3bucket, Key: s3key, Body: fileStream }; s3.putObject (putParams, function(putErr, putData){ if(putErr) { console.error (putErr); } else { console.log (putData); } }); share. By using curl, you can actually upload the file on aws s3. The requirement is that you must have the access key and the secret key. Lets write a shell script.

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