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I do want a webSDR anyway, so we'll factor that in - and maybe an EchoLink node too with local repeater Story: As you know, we have been forced off the farm and can no longer do any science or any ham radio there. That means we had to stop the Lock Down net for the old folks which was a terrible disappointment for many. We are gutted, as you know.

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Hellschreiber QSO (recorded by Bill (KA8VIT) on 14-Sept-2008 via a WebSDR in The Netherlands) Hell-72 "GL" character set (sorry, the sound of my machine is a little scratchy) Hell-80 QSO (multi-station, mix of start-stop & synchronous, 1-March-2010, 7050 kHz) Hell-80 (synchronous mode, not start-stop, basically double-speed Feld-Hell mode)

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- 17/02/2019 This websdr now has a new PLL LNB locked with external reference, to have a more stable and accurate frequency. Added SSTV filter for SSTV mode and USB-nrw...

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This is a WebSDR receiver, located in KO59CS, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is operated by Vsevolod UB1AKX, e-mail [email protected] More information about the WebSDR project can be found on...Audio and sounds files. Radio amateur communications and other transmissions. Here are some hundreds of amateur radio recordings, including QSO, aurora traffic, meteor scatter, communications with ISS crew and the sound of various transmission modes that you can hear on HF and VHF bands.

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The biggest mistake I made was thinking radio was an expensive hobby and buying tons of kit. 90% Of exploring radio can be done for free with a WebSDR and a virtual cable to reroute audio to another program. A typical WebSDR looks like the above. The blue area is a waterfall diagram. It shows RF activity across a range of frequencies.

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Romania webSDR with HTML5 support, YO3GGX. 904. 23. ROMA2 Websdr Radio Italy CB HF 69. VHF WebSDR at Fontys Hogescholen of Eindhoven NL. 355. 14. WebSDR in West Germany near...Listen online to Los Angeles CA radio stations including Radio Iran - KIRN, Seeburg 1000, Radio Hamrah - KTWV-HD3, Tune Disney Radio, K-Love 107.5 - KLVE and many more.

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