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In order to derive the z-score we need to use the following formula: Therefore: Z score = (700-600) / 150 = 0.67 Now, in order to figure out how well George did on the test we need to determine the percentage of his peers who go higher and lower scores.

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Darmois continues his study by remarking that, if g00 6= 0 , it is possible to extract ∂2 00gij from the equation Rij = 0 and, replacing these in the other equations by the so calculated expressions, obtain four equations which de-pend only on the initial data, equations which we now call the constraints; he

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Apr 26, 2016 · Forrester reports 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action. Actionable insights are the missing link for companies ...

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In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed a theory for the hydrogen atom based on quantum theory that energy is transferred only in certain well defined quantities. Electrons should move around the nucleus but only in prescribed orbits. When jumping from one orbit to another with lower energy, a light quantum is emitted.

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Jan 31, 2006 · Paul Ehrenfest: The Genesis of the Adiabatic Hypothesis, 1911–1914 211 paper which at first sight only seems to be a simple alternative to an earlier paper by EINSTEIN and STERN. Then, in another article of 1913 on a mechanical theorem of BOLTZMANN, EHRENFEST already employed a primitive adiabatic hypothesis but did not formulate it clearly.

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The longer the time period considered the more the elasticity of supply tends to_

Jun 18, 2020 · SPSS One-Way ANOVA Output. A general rule of thumb is that we reject the null hypothesis if “Sig.” or p < 0.05 which is the case here. So we reject the null hypothesis that all population means are equal. See full list on

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