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Jan 19, 2016 · An element with a high ionization energy is classified as a (n) Which element on the periodic table has a. lowest ionization energy - Cesium b. highest second ionization energy ... Retrieve Content Retrieve Content

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3. Ionization Energy: The energy needed to remove an electron from a neutral gaseous atom 4. Electron Affinity: The energy released when an electron in added to a neutral gaseous atom Procedure: Click on the Cool Periodic Table link (click on the element symbol). Record the atomic

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Briefly explain why Ba has a lower first ionization energy than Ca. Ba has electrons in the 6s orbitals these are much further from the nucleus than the electrons found in the 4s of Ca. Since they are further there is less attraction to the nucleus giving a lower first ionization energy. Which of the following elements would have the largest ...

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similar elements tend to react similarly, but may do so at different reaction rates. true or false? convert to the equivalent pressure in atmospheres,4.32*10^5 N/m^2? The instantaneous reaction rate is always equal and constant.5. The elements in the far upper right corner are classified as 6. Elements in the first group have one outer shell electron and are extremely reactive. They are called 7. Elements in the second group have 2 outer shell electrons and are also very reactive. They are called 8. Elements in groups 3 through 12 have many useful properties and are ...

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Lithium has the highest specific heat of any solid element and is used in heat transfer applications. It is used to make special glasses and ceramics, including the Mount Palomar telescope's 200 inch mirror. Lithium is the lightest known metal and can be alloyed with aluminium, copper, manganese, and cadmium to make strong, lightweight metals ...

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The ENERGY LIBERATED when an electron is ATTACHED to a GASEOUS NEUTRAL ATOM, B, to form the GASEOUS ANION B– B + e– → B– + EA (clearly, it could also be defined as the energy REQUIRED to ionize the most loosely bound electron in the GASEOUS ANION to produce a neutral gaseous atom). Which of these elements in the second period has the largest atomic radius? a) carbon b) lithium ... Which of the following elements has the smallest ionic radius? a) Li b) K c) O d) S. a. ... Increase in atomic size. Which of the following elements has the smallest first ionization energy? a) sodium b) calcium c) potassium d) magnesium. c.

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