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Inmates sentenced to the North Carolina Department of Corrections will be transported or picked up as soon as practical considerations permit. For security purpose, jail staff members are forbidden from discussing when an inmate will be transported from the facility.

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Confederate Prison Pen at Salisbury, NC, 1864. A "Bird's Eye View" of the Confederate prison at Salisbury as it existed in 1864, published in the North some years after the war.

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Indigent inmates are provided writing materials and envelopes to mail two personal letters per week. Inmate mail is distributed Monday through Friday within 24 hours of being received from the U.S. Post Office, except during weekends and holidays.

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Jul 12, 2018 · When the prison opens its massive, razor-wire-topped gates at 1:40 for a controlled mass-movement to the yard, I head inside like a fish swimming upstream through a river of convicts. Hundreds of them. At times like these, I need to stay hyper-vigilant.

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I'm female, 23 years old, married, white, Christian, working in a prison, wishing I could go back to college. I enjoy hiking, writing, riding motorcycles, playing with my ferrets, dancing & music, and annoying my husband. I can't really say I'm into "photography", because I have no formal training, but I've always loved taking pictures. I've had a couple fairly cheap/crappy ...

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What is a Prison Chaplain? A chaplain is a generic term for a minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, or some other representative of a religion. However, chaplains generally do not work in churches; instead, the term is reserved for those who provide religious guidance and comfort in secular areas like hospitals, military bases, universities, prisons, and police departments. Prison Inmate Search Helps You Find Prisoners Free With Address Searches and Public Records Pages This is the largest and most current list of State Prisons in the USA available on the internet . Individual prisons or work farms will be listed on these sites if you don't see the location you are looking for.

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