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When the values of the operands of the logical operators in a logical expression are known, the value of the expression can be determined using rules such as 1. The expression p AND q is true only when both p and q are true; it is false otherwise. 2. The expression p OR q is true if either p or q, or both are true; it is false otherwise. 3.

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Dec 31, 2020 · Generally speaking, it can’t, because objects don’t really have names. Essentially, assignment always binds a name to a value; the same is true of def and class statements, but in that case the value is a callable. Consider the following code: >>>

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otherwise it is encoded as a JSON object with one name/value pair whose name is the type's name and whose value is the recursively encoded value. For Avro's named types (record, fixed or enum) the user-specified name is used, for other types the type name is used.

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Anil Yadav's narrative of a journey into the North-East is reminiscent of travel writing in the classical mould, incalculably superior to the lifestyle porn it has deteriorated to because of ... Given a variable s associated with a str, write an expression whose value is a str that is identical except that all the letters in it are upper-case. Thus, if the str associated with s were "McGraw15", the value of the expression would be "MCGRAW15".

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A property is an attribute of an object that can be assigned a static value or bound to a dynamic expression. A property's value can be read by other objects. Generally it can also be modified by another object, unless a particular QML type has explicitly disallowed this for a specific property. Defining Property Attributes

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