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Mai later turns good and joins Zuko with team avatar Ask Login. ... her name is mai ... In the Awakening, when they are in the ship. In the Headband, when they are looking at the sunset.

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Zuko, who has resumed a romantic relationship with Mai, observes a boy flirting with her and destroys a vase in anger, prompting Mai to tell him off. Later, around a campfire, Ty Lee reveals she joined the circus because she grew up with six identical sisters and hated it, striving for independence.

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The story of Zuko from Avatar franchise 1 TV Show Synopsis 1.1 Early life 1.2 Banishment 1.3 Season 1 1.3.1 Finding the Avatar 1.3.2 Face of the enemy 1.3.3 A bitter rivalry 1.3.4 Following the trail 1.3.5 Rescuing UncleIroh 1.3.6 The Solstice: A Dangerous Move 1.3.7 Pirates and a waterbending scroll 1.3.8 In the storm 1.3.9 The Blue Spirit The new 'Admiral' Zhao Infiltrate and ...

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Oct 20, 2015 · S-5 P-10 E-5 C-5 I-5 A-5 L-5 Allies Foes. Your Name is Zuko You have been exiled for the last three years, you have a ship some fire benders and a long quest to find the avatar so far you have had no success you think back to the day of your exile.

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What is the name of Zuko's alter ego? the Red Ninja; the Fire Warrior; the Blue Spirit; the Prince of Flames; the Swordsman. The Tea Shop Zuko works at is called: Starbucks; the Emerald Flower; Jong Jong's House of Herbs; the Jasmine Dragon; the Inferno. Which general tries to capture the Avatar before Zuko? (p.s. he actually does, but Zuko's ...

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